As I begin my senior year as an undergraduate at Grove City College I am continually realizing how important PD(Professional Development) and creating a PLN(Personal Learning Network) is. Throughout my undergraduate studies I have tried to attend many conferences and workshops plus get to know as many music teachers as possible. Creating a PLN has been a challenge for me until the past few months.

Twitter and #Musedchat

I have always thought that Twitter was just another Facebook and a way to waste time. I never realized how great of a tool it is to build a PLN and for PD. In March of this year Dr. Joseph Pisano introduced me and a few other Grove City undergraduates to #musedchat. I was able to take part in the 2nd ever #musedchat and I was amazed at the amount of information I received. It is such a valuable tool for all music educators and music education undergrads.

I have participated in many #musedchats over the past few months and they have been an invaluable experience for me. It is a great way  for undergraduates to learn valuable information from practicing music educators and is also a great way for undergraduates to give their perspective on different topics. Not only is it great PD, but it is also a good way to creat an instant PLN.

Twitter is also a valuable resource all the time not just on Monday nights during #musedchat. It is a great place to hold conversations with great music educators and musicians. Over the past few weeks I have had great conversations with many people and have received valuable information on preparing for my senior recital in December.

#Musedchat takes place every Monday night at 8:00 EST. Each week participants vote on the topic for that week. I urge all music education undergraduates and music teachers to take part. All you need to take part is a Twitter account. Then log in on Monday nights at 8:00 and use the hashtag #musedchat to take part and view the chat. Feel free to just watch the first time or so because it is a very overwhelming, but amazing experience. If you miss a #musedchat you can read the transcripts and recaps on

Music PLN

Another resource is which is a free site for music educators and undergraduates created by Dr. Pisano. This is a great site where music teachers and undergrads from all over can talk about music education related topics . You can post question on this site and get valuable information from the other members.  I have been involved in many valuable conversations on the Music PLN such as timing for pre-k music lessons and what should be taught in high school to prepare students to major in music. To join this site go to for more information and once you join find me on there.

As I begin my last year as an undergraduate and begin to student teach I am looking forward to having these two valuable resources.  These two resources are a great place to learn valuable information that we are not taught in our undergraduate classes. They are also a great way to create your own PLN and an easy fast way for PD.