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One of the biggest challenges with being a band director is dealing with ensemble size and instrumentation. You never know from one year to the next how many students you will have and what your instrumentation is going to be. Even though it is more common to have instrumentation problems with smaller bands, large bands can still have instrumentation challenges. One common myth is that bigger is better. A small band with poor instrumentation can be an extreme challenge, but with a little extra time an effort you can take a small ensemble and make it sound just as good as a full sized concert band. It may seem like there are no pieces for your ensemble, but you just need to know where to look. Below are some great places to look for quality pieces for concert bands of all sizes and instrumentation. Continue reading


The Holidays are a busy time of the year for music educators because of winter concerts and beginning preparation for spring concerts. While getting your students and the music ready is the most important part in the concert process there are many behind the scene organizational tasks that you can’t learn by reading a book during your undergraduate career. Below are some of the skills required of music teachers to successfully prepare for concerts. Continue reading

One of the many great, but challenging parts about getting a degree in music education is that our certification is to teach K-12, band, choir, orchestra, and general music. As future educators we need to become proficient in all these areas so that we are able to teach our future students. Usually we each have an area of expertise, but it is vital that we are competent in all areas of music education. One area I feel most undergraduates struggle in is being proficient on their secondary instruments. This can especially be a challenge for non-instrumentalists. There is no way we are able to be an expert on every instrument, but it is possible to have a basic knowledge of the different instruments and be able to play them at a proficient level. Continue reading

One of the biggest challenges about summer for me is staying active musically and continuing to become a better teacher and musician even when I am not in school. This summer one way I stayed active musically was by being on band staff with my high school marching band. This has been one of the most valuable experiences for me and has gotten me so excited for the day that I have my classroom and begin teaching. Continue reading