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As I begin my senior year as an undergraduate at Grove City College I am continually realizing how important PD(Professional Development) and creating a PLN(Personal Learning Network) is. Throughout my undergraduate studies I have tried to attend many conferences and workshops plus get to know as many music teachers as possible. Creating a PLN has been a challenge for me until the past few months. Continue reading


Over the past few months I have become involved with #musedchat and other music education events through Dr. Pisano and some of my friends at Grove City.  These past few months have definitely changed me in an unbelievable way as a person, musician, and a future educator. I have  decided to start this blog to post information about music education from an undergraduates viewpoint. Over the next year I will start the student student teaching process and begin hunting for jobs, so my hope is to use this blog to write about my experiences during this part of my undergraduate career. I can’t wait to share my journey with you. Everything I write here is just my opinion so please feel disagree with me or leave your opinion. Please leave comments and give feedback on any of my posts.